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New Series "Half Truths: Comfort or Harm?"

Everything Happens for a Reason

A Message From Our Pastors - May 29, 2020


Dear Friends of Newcastle United Methodist Church, 


In the words of John Wesley, how do we do no harm and do all the good we can in this moment of pandemic illness and death?

There continues to be considerable confusion as to the schedule, plan and process for reopening of worship services but our best estimate is that we will continue to worship on-line for several more weeks.  Pastor Ron will update us on our status as part of this Sunday’s service.  Also, Bishop Carcan᷈o shared these comments:


“I pray that in this next month you will continue to do your very best work.  Consider the learnings you have gained from this time of shelter-in-place.  I also invite you to join me in a season of prayer whose focus is asking God how we are to serve as disciples of Jesus Christ in a world that will never be the same.” 

This Sunday in Worship:


They are simple phrases. They sound Christian – like something you might even find in the Bible: “Everything happens for a reason, God helps those who help themselves, God won’t give you more than you can handle, God said it, I believe it, that settles it, and Love the sinner, hate the sin.” We’ve all heard these words. Maybe we’ve said them. They capture some element of truth – yet they also miss the point in very important ways. Join us as we search for the whole truth.

Also, this is Pentecost Sunday. “And they were gathered together in one accord” – These words from the opening of chapter two of Acts of the Apostles paint a picture of community and unity, something our world is in short supply of today.  We pray for the Holy Spirit to lead the way in the healing and reconciliation of our world.


Remember: you can access our on-line worship on YouTube. Each weekly service is available on Sundays at 10:00 am.  You can view earlier worship services also.



Pastors Gary and Ron


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We have the opportunity as a congregation to be a part of God's work, and we depend on your generous financial support so that we may continue to offer the vital ministry that we do, whether we worship in person or online. We thank you in advance for choosing to support this ministry.


Newcastle United Methodist Church

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What if there was a Church that:

Actually practiced what it preached…

Valued asking questions just as much as having answers…

Honored the past while embracing the future…

Saved a place for everyone at the table…

Viewed difference not as a threat, but a possibility…

Believed that listening was a prerequisite for learning…

Viewed service to others as essential to its witness…

Chose not to avoid conflict, but to confront it with courage and love…

Was open to new ideas and thinking outside the box…

To be honest, we are not quite there, but we are on our way.  This is the kind of Church that we dream about being and the kind of Church that we are committed to becoming. If you would like to help us become the Church we are dreaming about, we would love your company!  Please come and check us out.



We are a community-based church since 1888. We welcome you. Our commitment is to love and worship God and share our joy and God’s love with others.


In the welcoming place of radical hospitality, informal and inspirational worship, amazing and grace-filled love, you are welcome, no matter who you are or how you come. God loves you.

We offer stimulating Bible studies, midweek men’s and women’s breakfasts, study and sharing; lots of smiles and laughter, serious discussion and thoughtful sharing. Our Sunday Morning Watch service is quiet, thoughtful and contemplative. Our contemporary worship service is warm, full of music, prayer, scripture and with thought provoking messages.

Life is so much richer with a strong sense of community. We invite you to enjoy the fellowship of our church family. Join us on Sundays and feel the love!

In Christ's most amazing love.

​A D D R E S S

P.O. Box 235
Newcastle, CA 95658


8:00 AM: Meditation and dialogue.

10:00 AM: Contemporary and traditional worship.

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